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Seat / Coffee table in chrome

XY is a seat and a coffee table in chrome.
It's also a sculpture in the space that you can put in different positions.
XY symbolizes the human genome, the life, the man and the woman.

Material: Chrome
Dimensions: L 50 cm x W 50 cm x H 60 cm

Design XY

Low table in lacquered beech and chrome

The design of the Maki's table is inspired of the japanese food.

Materials : Lacquered beech with 4 colors and chrome : White, black, orange and green.
- Diameter of the table top: 110 cm
- Height of the table top: 13 cm
- Total height: 53 cm


Design Maki's

Desk lamp in anodised aluminium

Sign draws in the space a single and even line that is pure and refined.
The geometry of Sign creates a play of shadows and light and a surprising mirror effect...

Materials : Anodised aluminium / LED
Technical specificities:
- Band of LED for wide radiance
Dimensions: L 30,5 cm x W 7 cm x H 47 cm

Design Sign
Design Life

Floor lamp in glass and chrome

This floor lamp symbolizes the birth and the life.


H: 180 cm

Globe: Diameter: 55 cm

Base: Diameter: 30 cm


Light cube in translucent polycarbonate and anodised aluminium


Love² plays with the typography, the colors, the light and shadows and the mirror effect.
Some light-emitting diodes allows to illuminate the cube of a soft white light.


Materials: Translucent polycarbonate / anodised aluminium / LED
Dimensions: 40 cm

Design Love²

Chair in beech and Courbaril wood

Tango, it's a dance step.
A balance between pause and rhythm, a time suspended.

Materials: White and black beech

Also designed in white beech and Courbaril wood


L 75,5 cm x W 42 cm x H 45 - 87 cm

Design Tango

Shelves in Indian rosewood and white lacquered beech

Morpho is based on the principle of anamorphosis.

Every module, of color and different material, which composes the piece of furniture creates a continuity in the space by drawing a simple line.

Materials: Indian rosewood / white lacquered beech
Dimensions: L 175 cm x W 39 cm x H 39 cm

Design Morpho

Suspension light in colored glass

Milano is a "refreshing" suspension light composed of two différents glasses:
A transparent glass and inside it, a red glass.

The word "Milano" is engraved all around the glass to bring a sophisticated and original touch to the light.

The design is inspired by the bottle of San Pellegrino and the strawberry ice pop.

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Design Milano

Bench in Teak and steel mirror polished


Tanka is a range of furniture.
The design is based on a simple line in the space.
Tanka is a bench but not only...


The back can be reclined with adjustable steps or fully reclining.
In the horizontal position it becomes a table to put on it, why not, some glasses of Champagne...


- Bench for outdoor and winter garden use.

Materials: Teak / steel mirror polished

Dimensions: L 210 cm x W 95 cm x H 40 - 87 cm


Design Tanka-B

Sofa in Teak, steel mirror polished and imitation snake skin or cow skin


Tanka is a range of furniture.
The design is based on a simple line in the space.


The back of the sofa can be reclined with adjustable steps.
The sofa cover is an imitation of snake skin or cow skin.


Materials: Teak / steel mirror polished / imitation snake skin or cow skin
Technical specificities:
- Cover designed in three versions:
Imitation snake skin: light beige and brown and cow skin.
Dimensions : L 210 cm x W 95 cm x H 45 - 87 cm


Design Tanka-S

Suspension light in colored glass and white lacquered steel

Umbel is a suspension light whose shape is inspired by the flower.
Four petals creates a play of shadows and light.

Materials: Colored glass / lacquered steel
Dimensions : L 40 cm x W 40 cm x H 23,5 cm


Design Umbel

Sculpture in anodised aluminium

It is an architectonic triptych.
Each tree in anodised aluminium with branches encrusted in bluish light-emitting diodes (LED), is made in a different way.

Steel is not just for urban furniture, it is a totem, a signal in the city that magnifies space and creates a unity.

Installed at the foot of a tree, it enables contemplation of the subtle plays of shadow and light with a delicate, bluish light added at night.

Steel invites to contemplation and relaxation.

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Design Steel

Walnut desk

The Swa desk in walnut and chrome mirror polished with angles set with crystal, celebrates displacement as a strength, counterbalanced by longitudinal and refined feet.

Materials: Walnut / chrome mirror polished / crystal
Technical specificities:
- Faceted crystal
- Facades in chrome mirror polished : Open by pressure
- Handle in crystal
Dimensions: L 120 cm x W 65 cm x H 82 cm



Design Swa

Pedestal table in transparent glass

The Saint-Sergue pedestal table, in Louis XV style, defies time with its subtle combination of classic and contemporary.

The feet made of olive wood or gilded in gold leaf give an overall impression of gracefulness and nobility.
Modest and transparent glass lends a highly contemporary touch to the pedestal table.
The handle and the frieze of the tabletop, gilded in gold leaf, give an overall emphasis of sophistication and elegance.


The impression left by the Saint-Sergue is one of timelessness.

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Design Saint-Sergue
Tapis Flaque

Carpet in backlit silicone

A hint of water, one of life's essential elements.
The Tapis Flaque with its transparent backlit material gives out a gentle dreamlike light that magnifies the space.

It evokes dreaming, peace and contemplation.

The Tapis Flaque is a decorative and playful item.
Its flexibility enables it to be lain or walked upon.
It can be rolled up without becoming misshapen.


- 3 designs of carpet whose forms are inspired by swiss lakes.
- For indoor and outdoor use.

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Design Tapis Flaque

Screen in blacklit polycarbonate

Héliss is a mobile screen made of coloured cards in transparent polycarbonate.

Its anodised aluminium base, fitted with diodes, gives out a soft, uniform light across all the cards, thereby creating a subtle play of transparency, shaded colours and shadows.

The cards have been put together in a individual style, thereby creating a unique and personalised structure.

Materials: Transparent polycarbonate / anodised aluminium / LED
Dimensions: L 165 cm x W 18 cm x H 160 cm


Design Héliss

Transparent glass vase

The Origine vase is made of transparent glass constiting of solids and hollows ...
A glass tube floats in the space for presenting a simple and elegant flower.

It symbolises the matrix and creation that link us to the earth and the cosmos.

Alliance of serenity and strength in perfect harmony, it imposes silence as a matter of course.
The Origine vase is evocative of birth and hints at rebirth.

Origine is designed in crystal too.

Materials: Glass or crystal
Dimensions: L 44 cm x W 7 cm x H 34,5 cm



Design Origine
Design Duality

Minimal Art, sculpture



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