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Sandra Hisbèque studied Interior architecture and Design in Paris and Geneva.

She has been honored with top awards for her Master's programme and printed among the pages of magazines and featured in multiple interior design books.


Interior Architect/
Furniture Designer
Everything is evolution and movement
Mirror effects, vibrations, light and energy

Sandra Hisbèque lives in Geneva and is known for creating interiors that are balanced, harmonious, sophisticated, and functional.


She also works as Furniture Designer and has created a range of furniture that may be characterized in a few words:
Transparency, elegance and fluidity.

Her work is based on people's interaction with their environment, the perception of space and sensory experimentation.
In search of an intuitive architecture that gives the best response to the demands and needs of each person.


Sandra Hisbèque has been printed among the pages of magazines and featured in interior design books include: "Office Concept Magazine 2013; The Art of Design Magazine 2012; Iconeye Magazine 2012; Onoffice Magazine 2012; The Icon Product YearBook 2012; Refurb and Renovation News 2012; Inhabitat 2012".


Awards :

- 1st prize with the distinction : Excellence +
- Special prize from the panel of judges composed of Architects and Interior Architects.

Affiliation :
Swiss Association of Interior Architects

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